SlackBlock is the simplest yet most effective balance trainer you can buy for under a $100. With the purchase of the SlackBlock you will get a website link to our patent applied for SlackBow Training Method. Training on the SlackBlock for just a few minutes every couple of days will help you play your favorite sport better. There is even great research that says, the right kind of balance training can improve your thinking and creativity.

13" SlackBlock is for people weighing under 190 pounds.
14" SlackBlock is for people weighing over 190 pounds and under 240 pounds. 


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SlackBow 1300

SlackBow 1300 is the ultimate athletic training hack with the SlackBow protocol. Improve your balance and you will be better in any sport you play.

Almost 13 feet long. Three height adjustments. Can be set at high/low and from very taught to slack-slack the most difficult settings. 

The SlackBow is easy to assemble and eighs 116 pounds and ships in five boxes. (Once you have made your purchase, we will email you the shipping cost. Ignore the shipping charge in cart. That $6 to $8 will be refunded.)

Universities and professional teams will get discounts on orders of 10 or more.

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