At the ripe young age of 69, I am acutely aware of the importance of balance, not only in everyday life situations but also in recreation activities. I also believe that you can “practice” balance exercises designed to improve your instinctive reactions
in this area.
The SlackBow approach does just that. And as an extra bonus, the SlackBow improves your performance in recreation activities, from golfing, skiing, and hiking.
— Tom
I believe the statistics are that one out of three people over 65 fall each year. Keeping active requires balance. I am 72 years old (physically, but I still feel like I am 21). I want to stay active. I ski full time in the winter and do other outdoor activities
and exercise classes in the summer. I attended a number of SlackBow classes in Park City with Jim as the adviser/teacher.
In standing on the SlackBow on one foot, I went from raising my other foot for a millisecond to doing it for single digits of seconds. That is a huge improvement. I skied faster without consciously trying to. Jim’s advice on posture and focus was
invaluable. Using the SlackBow to teach the balance sensors—ears, vision, and proprioceptors—to fire the small muscles and reduce the shaking that happens due to repetition—not cognitive thinking. Balance can be improved with training. Jim knows the tools to train with.
— Calvin
I started SlackBow Training a year after sustaining a concussion. I hate to preach, but in terms of active recovery, it set me further ahead than any other therapy I went through to get me back to daily life.

I had been an NCAA athlete, but my recovery from the concussion had failed to be properly overseen by trainers, and I was still struggling with daily tasks. I began seeking help from outlets ranging from vision therapy to multiple neural specialists.

At the end of the day, SlackBow was the best active treatment I found both cognitively and physically both elements of my health that were extremely damaged.

As an athlete, having an obtainable goal of an hour of SlackBow Training which was healthy and also showing rapid progress toward my health when all other outlets were causing
pain and fatigue was hugely successful toward my recovery.

I cannot speak for the science, only my experience. After a year of struggling to function on a day-to day basis, SlackBow started providing a turning point by bringing back my coordination, balance, focus, attention span, and ability to process the environment around me—all things people with
functioning brains think are very simple tasks!
SlackBow was providing stimulation for my body and brain. Balance causes every muscle in your body to fire, as you are never in balance but constantly readjusting to stay balanced. These processes fire your mind and your body in a natural,
subtle, healthy environment.

On the days I was unsure I was going to be able to get out of bed due to pain, I made it my goal to SlackBow for 10 minutes. That 10 minutes would bring my alertness to a new level that no other activity could by firing my muscles and my brain.
Therefore, SlackBow would give me my greatest chance at a successful day. Other sports or activities, even on low levels, required elevated heart rates that caused headaches, speed that caused vision pain, or my other option was no movement, causing stagnant progress. SlackBow provided a solution to all of these things—helped to retrain my vision and focus, a controlled heart rate, no danger of further injury, while also working to fix my vertigo.

My first SlackBow session was a year ago. I am still working through postconcussion symptoms, and in a perfect world, I would be able to SlackBow daily. While I travel, I am attempting to incorporate what I have learned into my daily schedule.
I incorporate all of my new knowledge into my coaching techniques, and as an athlete, I wish I had known what I know now at 15. I think it would have positively impacted my entire athletic career.
I have nothing but positive things to say about SlackBow as someone working through long-term concussion symptoms, an athlete, and as a coach. I wish I had been introduced to SlackBow years earlier.
— Taylor
My name is Jim Black, and I was a professional ski instructor for 24 years, first in New England, then in Utah. As I have gotten older, my skill level has diminished, so I decided to take
one of Jim Klopman’s SlackBow courses, and it was everything I hoped it would be. I felt much more comfortable on my skis, especially at speed or in difficult conditions, and overall much more balanced and sure of myself. I found it also helped my cycling, both road and mountain.
I may not be 25 anymore, but I am skiing better than I have in years.
— Jim Black
Your SlackBow Balancing System has revolutionized my approach to Balance Training. The SlackBow system focuses on the ability of the brain to find the correct balance position for each new activity. As a result, I have developed a more intuitive, proprioceptive response to off-balance body positions.
— Randy
I suffered from gout for 20 years, and it caused extensive damage to the joints in my toes, ankles, and knees. When I finally started taking medicine for it, the pain subsided, but I discovered I still had significant postural alignment and balance issues. SlackBow Balance Training was an essential
part of my rehabilitation, allowing me to regain a normal gait and much of my flexibility. Now, not only can I hike mountains to my heart’s content, I’m able to ski as hard and fast as I want, and my golf game is improved, even down to my putting.
— Jeff
I am so glad I met Jim Klopman and was introduced to his product, the SlackBow. As an athlete, I am always looking for ways to differentiate myself from other athletes. Like so many others, I was lifting a lot of weight and getting stronger and found that with greater balance comes greater strength. Lack
of balance discounts your potential strength. My time on the SlackBow served me well in more than just my primary sports.

Other than my dedication to baseball, my ability to surf and ski have benefited from this unique training. Something so simple provides such an intense workout in a short amount of time. Simple doesn’t mean easy; put some focus and effort into the SlackBow, and you will see the results. When I started training with Jim, he measured my vertical and promised an improvement of a few inches. Sure enough, a couple months later I had recorded a jump 4 inches higher than my best jump prior to SlackBow training. This unique method of training
gives you that edge over your opponents. Balancing on the SlackBow fires your fast twitch muscles and really puts entire body and mind to work.
— Chandler
I have been skiing for over 50 years, 40 of them at PCMR. For the last 20 years I have been a part of a gang that skies every Tuesday morning before we go to Rotary lunch. I am an expert skier, but after passing age 60, I noticed that I was slowing down; over the years with the same gang, I was slowly
moving further back in the pack on arrival at the lift. Part of this was that some younger folks had joined in over the years.

Jim did a demo of SlackBow for our Rotary club and then invited us in for a private session. I had a one-hour visit whereJim put me through the entire spectrum of activities he had devised. The following week, skiing with the same bunch in same conditions, I found myself standing at the lift at the
bottom of the hill waiting for the gang to catch up.
One of the gang is the father of the world champion ski racer and a very fine skier—my age—himself.
I never would have believed that this simple training could produce such outstanding results.
— Kevin
I don’t have any data to back this up—no controlled tests to validate improvement over time. All I can say is that usingthe SlackBow to improve my balance has contributed to a heightened mental state that when engaged in active sports, has had a positive impact on my performance and my mental
attitude. Yes, I feel (physically) stronger. Yes, I feel more in (psychological) control.

Yes, I am more confident when I:
Swing a golf club.
Transfer weight from ski to ski.
Control my bike on a technical downhill ride.
Need the inner peace required to navigate personal relationships.

To me, it’s the most efficient workout—both physically and mentally.
— Joe