SlackBlock V7

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SlackBlock V7

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The Best Balance Training Device…Period
Small Size - Incredible Performance

It is small and does not look like much but you will be amazed at the balance challenge. Then after training for a little as 4 hours, you will be astounded by the improvement in your agility, coordination, aim and winning percentage.

Used by pro athletes and Division 1 teams.

The new SlackBlock has better a better material and is adjustable.

SlackBlock is the simple but incredibly effective athletic balance trainer.
All athletic balance is on one foot. No sport is played with balance being static and weight equally distributed on both feet.
The SlackBlock comes with a link to the patented SlackBow Training Method.
Training on the SlackBlock for just a few minutes every couple of days will suprise you with improved performance in your sport. 

13" SlackBlock is for people weighing under 190 pounds.
14" SlackBlock is for people weighing over 190 pounds and under 230 pounds.
15” SlackBlock is for people weighing over 230 pounds and under 300 pounds.

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