James Swanwick Show

Do you find your body feeling weaker as you get older? Are sports harder to play than they used to be? The truth is, it’s not your age. The more you do something, the better you should get. You’re losing your balance skills, and it’s affecting your everyday life. In our modern society, we have taken out the natural world’s daily balancing act. We use concrete to flatten surfaces, we turn up toes in shoes, and we’re losing our peripheral vision to screens. As a result your daily activities are suffering, and even the most fine tuned athletes are losing this important skill. On this episode of the James Swanwick show James interviews Jim Klopman, author of the book Balance is Power. He gives incredible tips to help improve their health and life through simple tips and techniques you can use every day. Key Points Humans are the only true biped in this world. Society builds a flat world, which works against your balance. People are losing peripheral vision, which affects your balance. Half of all people over 45 that visit the emergency room is due to a fall. Athletes can have a come back at an older age if they work on their balance. Walking in nature instead of walking in the city will be much more helpful physically and mentally. People need to work stabilizing muscles, not just big muscles. When exercising, one is better than two. Avoid machines.