Win a $59 SlackBlock

To win, be one of the first five to upload a video of you standing on one foot on a SlackBlock for two minutes straight without support or touching. If you don't own a SlackBlock, order one in the next two weeks and receive a 10% discount. Use the code "contest".
Get another 10% off by emailing us a copy of your Balance is Power! sales receipt from Amazon. 
The contest will run for three weeks or when we receive five videos.Click the Instagram or Facebook links to see a video of us balancing on the SlackBlock for two minutes.
How to enter:
Create your video.
Then upload using the button below.

Contest Rules:

  • Stand on a SlackBlock in Postion 1. (One foot is parallel to the plate) for two minutes straight without using any support, stepping off or allowing the other foot to touch the ground. We are the final judge as to if you achieved the objective. First five videos will win a SlackBlock.
  • By entering you give SlackBow LLC the right to post your video on social media and