Why Balance Train? Do you need big muscles?

I follow several handstand and muscle-up types on Instagram. The men in these Instagram posts like to have their shirts off. I can't do a muscle-up or a walking handstand. Funny how people feel a handstand is about balance. Well, maybe it is balance but balance for what? Just like the big muscles are for what? 

For instance, the photo in the header above looks like a push up but it is an incredibly difficult balance plank. A massively difficult upper body and core balance challenge.

I live my life on my feet, sitting or laying down. When I sit or lay down there is zero risk of falling. So as I get older I want to keep my balance above all else. I developed the SlackBow training system so that I could play my sports well into my 90's.  Ninety year old skiers don't have big muscles. 

My rambling point is this. I don't workout in the gym. All I do is SlackBow Balance Train. I am not a runner. I mountain bike, take short hikes and alpine ski. The video like the one below is meant to demonstrate that fitness does not come from big muscles. Maybe one day I'll take off my shirt but what my pecs and abs look like have nothing to do with my fitness.

The facts are:
The best athletes have the best balance. 
Deaths from falls have doubled in the last 15 years.
Big muscles don't make you stronger. You can lift more but are you stronger? 
Strength is the symphony of your muscles working together.

Remember, I am 63 year old. 
Be Balanced!