The workouts were really fun, incredibly challenging, and vigorous. After an hour session my limbs were shaking, I was sweating, but my heart was elated.

“I have always considered myself to be a giant klutz with very poor balance. I thought that good balance was something that you had to be born with and could not learn.

I met Jim when he ordered some coats from my company. I went to his balance studio to meet him and discuss the job and he showed me around. I was instantly intrigued. In Park City we have every work out, fitness, diet and exercise program imaginable, but no one had focused only on balance. I had
to try it and was astounded with the results.

The workouts were really fun, incredibly challenging, and vigorous. After an hour session my limbs were shaking, I was sweating, but my heart was elated. Each time I was pushed well out of my comfort zone, but NEVER felt endangered. Jim or Janet were there by my side, always ready to spot or catch
me, and were masters at getting me to believe in myself enough that I could push to the next level. I felt that my improvement was astounding. And even though I had long periods of time between each session I felt like I never backslid, and I could take up each time where I left off.

The most amazing thing for me was the crossover effect it had on other sports in my life. I am a passionate skier. I love any type of skiing: powder, moguls, steeps and cliffs, and especially ski racing slalom and GS. The first day on snow after my fall SlackBow sessions was unreal. I felt like I was on a new improved set of legs. I have been skiing since age 2 and have always felt comfortable on skis. But now I felt rock solid. Everything just seemed easier. Flat light was not as difficult. Committing to the fall line, pressuring the outside ski, moving into the next turn, going over rough terrain or icy slopes and bumps was just easier. I was skiing with a new level of confidence. I now feel like I no longer look at each part of the slope thinking here is a bump, watch the compression, its icy here etc but rather just dance over the terrain. Probably the best tell was my husband. He has been a ski racing coach for 30 years, coaching everything from little kids to US ski team. He does not give praise easily. After watching me ski one day that winter he shook his head and said, “what happened to you? You are skiing like one of my FIS kids”—this is an unimaginably HUGE compliment from a crusty German Schilehrer—I just smiled and said “SLACKBOW.”

This summer we went to Alaska and backpacked the Chilkoot trail. This is not a hike for the faint of heart. We had a lot of rain. So the streams we had to cross were deep rushing cold torrents. We had to jump from boulder to boulder carrying a 45 pound backpack and a misstep or slip and fall could have been disastrous or even fatal. We also hiked through miles of steep slippery wet boulder fields and snowfields that were converted to glare ice because of the rain. When we hit thestreams I channeled Jim’s River Rocks training took a deep breath and hopped across. My new improved ski legs got me through the snow fields, and the confidence I gained on theSlackBow and SlackBoard got me over all of those slipperyboulder fields, and this was after I watched a hiker in front of me slip and fall and break her leg.

Finally, I am an Emergency Physician who has worked in emergency rooms for over 25 years. Falls, especially among the elderly, are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in our country. The cost of injuries secondary to falls whether it is the actual medical bill, cost of lost productivity, or cost to
care for people who are no longer able to live in their homes because of disability secondary to the fall is astronomical. One also has to consider the emotional cost to patients and their families when they can no longer be self-sufficient. While balance training is great for athletes, If I was queen of the world, I would make it a mandatory part of our health care system for anyone over the age of 55. I am a strong believer that the long term physical improvement that we would see in a elderly population who has had good balance and strength training would greatly offset any cost that program might incur.”  — Celeste Raffin, MD

I worked with a 16-year-old competitive rifle shooter.

“When I started using the protocol with my clients, I was amazed at how quickly their balance improved. I worked with a 16-year-old competitive rifle shooter. Prior to utilizing the SlackBow, his average score hovered around 156 out of 200.
After 12 sessions with the SlackBow, and no other changes in his training protocol, his score had increased to an astounding 186. He recently qualified for the Junior Olympics.”   — JOHN JARMAN, OWNER, SUMMIT STRENGTH & CONDITIONING