Lack of balance discounts your potential strength.

“I am so glad I met Jim Klopman and was introduced to his product, the SlackBow. As an athlete, I am always looking for ways to differentiate myself from other athletes. Like so many others, I was lifting a lot of weight and getting stronger and found that with greater balance comes greater strength. Lack
of balance discounts your potential strength. My time on the SlackBow served me well in more than just my primary sports.

Other than my dedication to baseball, my ability to surf and ski have benefited from this unique training. Something so simple provides such an intense workout in a short amount of time. Simple doesn’t mean easy; put some focus and effort into the SlackBow, and you will see the results. When I started training with Jim, he measured my vertical and promised an improvement of a few inches. Sure enough, a couple months later I had recorded a jump 4 inches higher than my best jump prior to SlackBow training. This unique method of training gives you that edge over your opponents.  Balancing on the SlackBow fires your fast twitch muscles and really puts entire body and mind to work.”  — Chandler