I could also see positive results in my golf game.

The first time I tried to balance on the SlackBow, the line was relatively tight, and by applying most of my weight to the foot of my right leg that is placed on the line, my leg began to shake substantially in the side-to-side direction. There was no way I was going to stand or attempt to balance on the line for more than a second. I had little to no balance. I literally looked like Charles Barkley trying to hit a golf ball. As a matter of fact, I grew up playing golf with my grandfather and played in high school. I certainly was not the best; however, I knew how to swing a golf club correctly, etc.

So, when Jim mentioned that I would see positive results when it came to golf, I was definitely determined to learn and train myself in order to have much better balance. Indeed, I was aware of the other balancing tools on the market (and could generally balance on them), but I was less interested in them since it was very easy to achieve and the results were slim. Obviously, I had some work to do to have the capability to balance on the SlackBow for more than a second.

After training on the line for a few sessions, I could already see results. I was walking differently. Not on the balls of my feet, more on the front portions. My posture seemed to be better. I felt more grounded to the floor, feeling more confident when I was walking, turning, or doing anything else on my feet.

My legs were stronger and my joints weren’t tight. I truly felt better overall, and most definitely regarding my balance. I could also see positive results in my golf game. Since I was more grounded and my balance was much better, I could remain calm while I swung, generally producing a much more fluid swing and an overall more accurate shot. I also saw results with my putting game. The feeling of being grounded after being on the SlackBow is hard to compare with anything else I’ve ever done in life. I definitely recommend it for anyone seeking that feeling of being grounded, better balance and strength, or for the challenge.
— Blake