I actually really impressed myself with how well and quickly I was able to build up some balance on that SlackBlock. It’s a really slick little piece of equipment...
— Zach
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SlackBlock 14" & 15"
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SlackBlock is the simple but incredibly effective athletic balance trainer.
All athletic balance is on one foot. No sport is played with balance being static and weight equally distributed on both feet.
The SlackBlock comes with a link to the patented SlackBow Training Method.
Training on the SlackBlock for just a few minutes every couple of days will suprise you with improved performance in your sport. 

13" SlackBlock is for people weighing under 190 pounds. Now available for up to a 30% Re-Kickstart price. Delivery at the end of March.
14" SlackBlock is for people weighing over 190 pounds and under 240 pounds. 
15” SlackBlock is for people weighing over 240 pounds and under 300 pounds.



SlackBow 1300


The Patented SlackBow is 13 feet long with three height adjustments creating infinite controls. The SlackBow can be set from very taut to slack; slack being the most difficult setting. This is the ultimate athletic performance training hack using the Patented SlackBow protocol with the SlackBow 1300. It nows comes with the SlackPlate. The SlackPlate fits over the line making for better foot contact and increasing the level of difficulty in your balance challenges. 

The SlackBow is the best way to improve coordination and agility through better balance. Word class teams and D1 schools have discovered the incredible value of the SlackBow with the SlackPlate.

Price available on request.

Balance Is Power is an enlightening and thought-provoking read. It will make you view the world differently! Jim describes how the world we live in today has severely weakened our natural balance - we live in perfectly aligned living/working spaces, are always looking down at our phone screens, wear poorly designed athletic shoes, etc. - something I never thought about or noticed before. Jim’s insights and methods have made me realize the potentially life-and-death importance of balance, not just for athletes but for all humans. This book is great not only for anyone wanting to improve athletic performance at any level but also just for anyone wanting to feel stronger, healthier and more in control of their body.
— Kate