Are you on the dredded handicap plateau?

Did that new driver lower your handicap?

Do you practice more and more with little change in your handicap?

Has your new training aid not lowered your handicap?

Then you are stuck on the golf plateau.

Did you know that a tour player has better balance than a low handicap amateur?

Not "swing balance" but human balance.

How is good is your balance?

You don't know how good or bad your balance is.

And you don't know that your balance is what is keeping you on the handicap plateau.

I went from a 10.0 in January to a 5.0 in four months.
— John

This full-day golf school is designed to take the advanced golfer* to the elite level through the next generation of balance training. During the 6 hour golf school, students will learn their balance score, how to make improvements through our patented 12-minute balance training protocol, and our exclusive swing instruction.

* Eligibility: Students must have established handicaps (Preferred 15.0 or lower), ages 16 – 65.

Registration includes:

  • High Performance Athletic Balance Training by Jim Klopman, author of “Balance is Power”
  • Advanced Swing Training by Ryan Young, PGA Certified Professional
  • Free SlackBlock
  • Lunch
  • Discounted 9-hole weekend sunset green fee
  • Training done both on and off course
  • Limited to first 10 students

$350 per student |  This is an Elite Level Academy program

Upcoming Level 1 Schools:

Upcoming Level 2 Schools (Must have attended Level 1) – $250 per student:

Space is Limited.


“In 2016, I suffered from chronic lower back pain. I was told that not only did I have arthritis in one of my vertebrae, but also acquired scoliosis. Fearing my future, I sought help at Summit Strength and Conditioning that winter. The owner, John Jarman, had me using the SlackBow Balance system. My lower back pain was nearly gone by the next season. Little did I know what else the balance training had done for me…create undeniable more power in my swing. During the next season, I won seven Long Drive competitions while playing in the local PGA chapter tournaments. I had only won one in my five years prior! Additionally, the 2017 season was by far my most successful since turning professional.”

Ryan Young is 5’7″ and weighs 155 pounds. His usual drive ranges 280-320 yards, with his longest recorded in tournament play at 367 yards. Pound for pound, he is the longest professional in the Pacific Northwest.

As a student at the Balance is Power Golf School
you will get a free SlackBlock and
instruction in the patented SlackBow method.

The SlackBlock is Fastest Way To Improve Performance?

In any Sport.

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SlackBlock is the simple but incredibly effective athletic balance trainer.
All athletic balance is on one foot. No sport is played with balance being static and weight equally distributed on both feet.
The SlackBlock comes with a link to the patented SlackBow Training Method.
Training on the SlackBlock for just a few minutes every couple of days will suprise you with improved performance in your sport. 

13" SlackBlock is for people weighing under 190 pounds.
14" SlackBlock is for people weighing over 190 pounds and under 240 pounds. 


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Looks Easy!
This is Janet and I standing on the SlackBlock
for two minutes without stepping off. Bet you can't do it.

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