LeBron in Portofino, Italy a week after signing with the Lakers. LeBron, has a staff but what is the one thing he carries personally to his car and yacht. In fact he is putting it in the car. Think balance is important to him?

In 2018 at age 32, he played more minutes than any other player in the league.  He was also the most durable, No injuries.

As much as I am thrilled he is doing balance work, doing it on his knees is only somewhat effective. Why not balance train on his feet? Afterall, he does not play ball on his knees.

He use to stand on Swiss balls. We don't use them because they are dangerous and the force the athlete to bow his legs and put weight on the outside of his feet. Balance and all athletic movement occurs on the inside of the foot, not the outside.

The yoga air bubbles are not true balance challenges. They are too multidirectional and unstable so the become ankle exercises more than anything else.

The throwing and catching are things we have done for years and kept secret. The secret is that you see is only 5% of the data the eyes collect. 95% of the data goes to the body's subconscious movement operating system. We know how to demonstrate the performance of this system and how to upscale it. The reason we do this is because the better this subconscious visual data capture system the better the balance ability and therefore the better the coordination and agility. If you watched LeBron this year, you saw more no look passes, shots and through opponents leg passes then any year previous.


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