Let's keep this simple. No fancy graphics, no fancy sales pitch.
Only 6 people have seen the SlackBow Golf Protocol. Three have shot the lowest scores of their lives.  One of the amazing outcomes is that we cure the yips.
For active senior tour, PGA and LPG players we require percentages off of the increased of the average of the previous two years winnings. We only get paid if you win more money. We also require non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.
For amateurs, the fee is extraordinarily high plus expenses and we also require non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.
For Charles Barkley, we guarantee a cure to your whatever the hell it is you do, Sir Charles of yipsville. Your fee is $168,000 (much higher than our normal amateur) plus expenses. Because you are betting man. We will pay you $3,000 if we don't succeed.
There are 12 hours of balance training and 8 hours of golf specific training. The golf sessions have to occur in private indoor or outdoor facilities. Why all the secrecy? Because this is so ridiculously easy to learn and be copied. It is that simple. If this incredible information leaks out, then everyone will be doing it and there you go, you have lost your competitive advantage on the golf course.
The logic is unassailable and fully supported by examples of the best golfers in history.